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...taking innovation from ideation to utilization  

B-2 Bomber

About Us

METSS Corporation is an applied R&D company with three decades of experience providing innovative yet practical solutions to the most challenging technical problems. The strength and diversity of our staff allow us to support projects from development through commercial integration. 

Core Capabilities

At METSS Corporation, we offer a wide range of services based on a core set of technical capabilities.  


METSS has an extensive experience developing organic materials (e.g., polymers, rubbers, composite resins, coatings, adhesives) for use in unique and aggressive operating environments (e.g., temperature extremes, strong chemicals, harsh environmental). Our efforts span from synthesis to recycling. 


We have significant expertise in physical, organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry. We use our expertise to analyze samples, characterize chemical reactions, and support the development of new products. METSS provides practical chemical solutions across a broad base of commercial and industrial applications. 


Our mechanical and chemical engineering staff provide METSS the capability to support product and process design projects from start to finish. METSS has the capability to scale chemical and material solutions from laboratory through commercial production. 


METSS maintains a BSL-2 facility to conduct biological testing to support third-party testing and internal product development efforts. Our team has specific expertise evaluating the effects of chemical and physical decontamination methods on targeted pathogens.  


METSS has an extensive array of testing capabilities to evaluate the chemical, physical, and mechanical properties of materials and industrial fluids. We conduct performance testing for a wide range of products, perform materials compatibility testing, and execute chemical and biological field tests. 

Our Projects

While a majority of our projects are government funded, METSS has successfully leveraged our R&D portfolio to solve challenging problems for industry and create new commercial enterprises.  


METSS provides support to every branch of the US military and other US government agencies. We have extensive experience developing hydraulic and lubricating fluids and additive packages to meet critical defense needs, as well as deicing fluids, paint removers, and cleaners for various applications. METSS has developed rubber seals and o-rings for low and high temperature use on aircraft, and EMI shielding seals and materials for aircraft and marine applications. We have also developed novel materials and designs for aircraft fuel bladders, and continue to provide subject matter expertise in this area. METSS has also made significant contributions in chemical and biological defense, providing subject matter expertise in materials and methods of decontamination. 


Industrial clients benefit from the capabilities and expertise METSS gains conducting government R&D programs. Our experience allows us to provide quick answers to questions regarding product or process performance, conduct cost-effective testing and evaluation projects, and accelerate product development efforts. Key industries supported by METSS include materials (plastics, rubbers), cleaners, agricultural products, disinfectant technologies, airport and roadway deicing, and oil and gas.  


Some of our government sponsored research and development projects have afforded METSS the opportunity to transition technologies into the commercial sector, including: airport and roadway deicing, environmentally friendly plastics recycling, rubbers and sealants, lubricating and hydraulic fluids, surfactants, and chemical disinfectants. 

Our Facilities

METSS Headquarters, R&D and Production Facilities

Owner-occupied headquarters with mixed-use space including offices, laboratory & analytical space, and warehouse used for product development, testing, pilot-scale operations & light manufacturing.


Extensive mechanical, physical, and environmental testing capabilities, advanced analytical laboratory, BSL-2 test capability. 

Compliant with DFARS clause 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information & Cyber Incident Reporting & the security requirements of NIST SP 800-171.

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