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Technology Transfer

METSS Corporation executes successful R&D programs to develop new products and processes with an emphasis on efficient technology transition to commercialization. When our technologies mature to this point, METSS will form strategic partnerships or separate business ventures that are staffed and structured for commercial success. This model preserves the core value of METSS, so we can continue on our path of innovation and technology development. 

SBIR Program

The SBIR program funds a diverse portfolio of small businesses across technology areas and markets to stimulate technological innovation, meet Federal research and development needs, and increase commercialization to transition R&D into impact.

METSS has been very successful leveraging the SBIR program to identify commercial business opportunities and obtain funding to reduce many of the risks typically associated with technology development and commercialization projects. METSS maintains ownership of the technologies we develop under the SBIR program.

Technology Commercialization Summary 

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