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Next Generation Submarine Hydraulic Fluids

METSS developed and qualified a synthetic hydraulic and lubricating fluid for US Navy nuclear propulsion ships and submarines. The new fluid has a much longer service life than conventional fluids; this will reduce O&M costs and increase mission readiness. METSS is currently manufacturing and supplying this product (2190-S) to the Navy per MIL-DTL-32353A.

Navy Banner at HBD.png

Surface Ship Fat Line Towed Array Cut-Resistant Vibration Isolation Module (VIM) Hose

METSS developed a cut resistant rubber to reduce exterior damage to VIM hoses that are a critical part of naval sonar operations. The new VIM hoses will increase service life, reduce costs, and help maintain mission readiness. New VIM hoses have been manufactured and subjected to advanced testing by the Navy to support fleet integration. A significant part of this effort was re-establishing VIM hose production capability in partnership with HBD Industries (Oneida, TN).

Onsite Decontamination Technology for Ebola

METSS developed and demonstrated an automated system using  chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas for on-site remediation of Ebola contaminated spaced in hospital and non-hospital settings.  

Rapid Runway Repair

METSS developed a liquid resin technology that can quickly and easily repair damaged runways in forward operating environments. The rapid repair system works under hot, cold, or wet conditions, returning runways to full operational uses in less than 1 hour. 

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Lightweight, High Performance Aircraft Fuel Bladders

Aircraft Survivability article reviews METSS efforts to advance lightweight design for MIL-DTL-27422 flexible, crash-resistant, ballistic-tolerant fuel tanks.

fuel bladders for AH-64 helicopters

Chemcials Derived From Soy

METSS has conducted an extensive amount of research developing soy-based chemistries for use in industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. Much of this work has been supported by the Ohio Soy Council.

Brine Tolerant Downhole Lubricant

METSS DHL-BT is formulated using materials that are sustainable and safe for the environment. This engineered product readily mixes with high brine solutions to form a stable, low foam, lubricating emulsion.

lubricant for high brine wells
powder coating removal solution

Powder Coating Removal

METSS has developed an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use chemistry capable of removing crosslinked polyester powder coatings without damaging the underlying metal substrate.

Environmentally Friendly Deicing and Anti-icing Fluids 

METSS Corporation was the first company to develop and fully qualify an aircraft wing deicing fluid based on renewable resources. METSS externed our IP base to develop commercial products for runway, roadway, and other industrial and commercial applications. 

envionmentally friendly aircraft deicer
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